This is a 5 week dog training course and we will cover all the basics including walking nicely on the lead, sit/stay, jumping up and coming back when called. If your dog is super friendly and gets easily distracted, this is the class for you.

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Who is this class for? Does your dog get distracted easily when other dogs or people are around.  Is your dog great with other dogs and people, but a bit too enthusiastic? Does your dog jumping up on strangers? Or annoy other dogs? This class is for dogs over the age of 6mths. If you have a pup under 20weeks check out the puppy classes.

In this class we will be teaching you how to teach your canine friend to come when called, walk nicely on the lead, increase focus and connection, introduce simple exercises which will help with calmness, cover how to greet without jumping up and much more.

All dogs must be fully vaccinated (or titre tested) to attend and proof of vaccination or titre test will be required.

Because this is only a 5 week course and we will be covering many topics, if you have a recall problem, I strongly advise you to book the recall class aswell for extra help with this as although covered in this course, it is such a massive topic that a lot of people struggle with so once a month i have a dedicated class on this subject.

I hold classes once a month for recall and you will find dates/times on website.


If you have a specific problem you want to work on you may find 1 to 1 lessons more appropriate as we can work specifically on your dogs issues. Drop me an email if you have any questions or are not sure if this is the class for you.

Limited to 6 dogs per class.

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