Lockdown Puppy class.  This class is for those older puppies who due to lockdown didnt get to attend puppy class.  This is a 5 week dog training course aimed at pups aged 5-12mths and we will cover all the basics including walking nicely on the lead and coming back when called.

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Do you have a Lockdown puppy?

Did you get a puppy during the last lockdown and missed out on puppy classes?  Then this class is for you.

In this class we will be teaching your puppy to come when called, walking on the lead, focus and connection exercises, calmness, teaching the pups how to greet without jumping up and much more.

This is a 5 week course which mostly runs in consequetive weeks but occasionally will be spread over 6 weeks.  (if this will be a problem ring Caroline to find out if your course will be over 5 or 6 weeks). This course is for all those older pups from 5mths upto 12mths who haven’t attended puppy classes due to Lockdown.  if your pup is under 18weeks then he or she would be better suited to the puppy class (see puppy class section). For dogs over 12mths of age i offer 121 lessons as i generally find that once past this age you have specific struggles you want help with.  If you are looking for help with recall or walking on the lead we have group classes for these. Dates/times on website.

Do give me a call if you have any questions.

Limited to 5 dogs per class.

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