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The puppy package includes a step by step online puppy course so you can start to home school your pup from the day you get him, meaning you can start your training before your pup is fully vaccinated and able to attend class. It also includes a place on our 6week inperson group class once puppys vaccinations are completed. (The dates of puppy classes available can be found under puppy classes). The Videos serve as a great reminder of what is covered in class and provide a step by step how to. There are many extras covered in the online course that are not covered in puppy class.

Please click below to agree that you have contacted to discuss dates and times before paying for this package.


** Important: To book the puppy package and get the £20 discount, follow the instructions below in the 
 about section. There is no need to contact me even though it says make prior contact.  Just go ahead and book.


The puppy package helps you home school your pup, starting your training even before your puppy comes home. The online course provides a step by step guide covering everything you need to know such as The First Night, Housetraining, Teething, teaching your pup to sit and lie down, come when called, walk nicely on the lead and loads more. In fact it contains 39 videos giving you step by step guidance and expert tuition by a qualified trainer. As well as the 39 videos, the Puppy Package is also accompanied by a 40 page E-book and you also get free membership to the private Facebook group for additional support and help. The step by step guide is suitable for pups from 8weeks and aswell as being a stand alone course, is also a valuable addition to the 6 week inperson puppy courses. This package is worth £155 if booked seperately, but when booked together can be purchased for £135.

How to book the puppy package.  (there is no need to make prior contact you can just go ahead and book). Firstly go to the main page and click on classes and then go to the Home-Schooling section. This part of the course is paid for via stripe and you get immediate access to the course.  You will receive an email with a password so you can log in and their will be a link to the E-Book in the form of a PDF.  Next go back to classes on the main page and now click on face-face classes.  Then go to puppy classes and click on the drop down box which will bring up a list of the available dates.  Choose the date you want to book from the drop down box.  The classes will be on the same day at the same time for 6 weeks, so for instance if you choose a Tuesday then your classes will be on a Tuesday for the 6 weeks.  If you choose a Saturday then your classes will be on a saturday for the 6 weeks. (occassionally the 6 week course will run over 7 weeks if i have to miss a week due to illness/weather/other commitments).

This part of the course is paid for by bank transfer.  Fill in the form with all your details and your dogs details and when you get to the box that says notes, just put that you have booked and paid for the online course.  Then, (although the form says £95) you pay £75 via bank transfer using the account details given when you make the booking.

If you have any questions do get in touch.


Important Info:

1:1 lessons need to be arranged by telephone.
Mobile 07702122042

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