This is a 6 week course suitable for all dogs that easily lose focus and get distracted. Build focus, self control and calmness.

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Do you have a distracted dog?  Would you like your dog to be a little more into you and a little less into everyone else and everything else in the environment?

Does your dog jump all over people when greeting them or mouth at clothes/hands?  Does your dog feel that he really must go and greet everybody in the park?

Does he steal food from the kitchen worktops or run off with your slippers, or dash out through the front door if you try to open it to the postman?

Distractions are every dog owners nightmare.  Getting your dogs attention and keeping it can be a challenge in various environments, such as at the park.

This course will help you with self control, motivation, communication, calmness, focus and relationship building. This is suitable for all ages and breeds.

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