A 2 hour workshop to teach you some fun tricks such as ring a bell, play dead, wipe your paws.  Trick training is fun whilst providing mental stimulation for your dog.

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Trick Training

Trick Training is a great way of providing mental stimulation which is great for dogs who find it hard to be calm and settled.  As well as providing your dog with education you are also providing entertainment in a low arousal way and teaching tricks leads to extra focus and attention.  Tricks are taught using positive training methods which help promote the bond between human and canine.  Tricks are something you can teach and practice with your dog on a dark winters night in your lounge or on a hot summers day in your garden.

This is a 2hour workshop to teach you some fun tricks such as ring the bell, play dead, roll over, high five, spin/twist, wipe your paws, sit up & beg, open the cupboard door. The trick training workshop shows you the mechanics and gives you the tools you need to go away and teach your dog these cool new tricks. Help sheets and a clicker are included.

We have a coffee break halfway through to give the dogs a rest and give you chance to ask questions. Limited to 4 dogs per class.

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