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Caroline Gale

I have always had dogs and can’t ever remember a time without one.  As a child I grew up with a Jack Russell, Springer and Golden Retriever. I always loved dogs from a very young age and my mum often tells of how she had great trouble when I was a young child, from stopping me from going up to any dogs I met in the street. In 1983 myself and my father opened a boarding kennels and cattery and I have worked with dogs ever since.  I started my dog training journey in 1992 gaining a puppy instructor certificate. I am a qualified instructor and member of the Institute  of Modern Dog Trainers which means I abide by a strict code of ethics and have been tested and assessed, not only on my theoretical knowledge but on my practical ability too. I have attended many seminars and workshops over the years and continue to attend seminars, workshops and training weekends to further my education and keep my training current.

I share my life with 5 dogs of my own.  3 patterdale/Jack Russells and 2 working cocker spaniels with whom I have done various types of training, including obedience, agility, scent, tricks and gundog.  I am passionate about dog training so when I am not helping clients train their dogs I am usually at a seminar or workshop learning more about dogs and dog training.


As a full accredited member of The Association of INTODogs (www.intodogs.org) and The Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (www.imdt.uk.com) I am able to display this symbol. Please check out the charter website to see what assurances this symbol brings www.ukdogcharter.org"

Fully qualified member of
Courses/Workshops/Seminars attended :

Canine/human interface 2001
Prevention and Treatment of behavioural problems (Dr Ian Dunbar) 2002
Biting, Fighting & Fearfulness (Dr Ian Dunbar) 2002
How to motivate dogs and owners (Dr Ian Dunbar) 2002
Running successful puppy socialisation and training classes (APDT) 2002
APDT practical training course 2002
Recallers (IMDT) 2014
Aggression and Rehabilitation (IMDT) 2014
Perfect Puppy Foundations (IMDT) 2015
Principals of dog training and behaviour (IMDT) 2015
Looseleaders (IMDT) 2015
Force Free Trick Training (IMDT) 4 day course 2015
Career as a dog trainer 2 day course (IMDT) 2015
4 day practical skills instructor course (IMDT) 2015
Common sense and cutting edge concepts in behaviour and training (Dr Ian Dunbar) 2015
Dog-Dog play. Whats ok and whats not (SarahWhitehead) 2015
Kachina Canine Communication (Dr Isla Fisher) 2016
(listen to your dog to learn, live and love your dog)
Resource Guarding (IMDT) 2016
Abnormal repetitive behaviour in dogs (IMDT) 2016
Seperation Anxiety (IMDT) 2016
Scentwork Level 1 2016
Canine First Aid May 2015 and Feb 2016
Peddymark micro-chipper (qualified 2015)
Seperation Anxiety – Jan 16
Consult and follow up – March 16
Resource Guarding  -  June 16
Social media – July 16
Abnormal Repetitive Behaviours – Oct 16
Impulse Control – December 16
Imdt Conferences 2016 and 2017
Domesticated Manners courses with Chirag Patel
Practical Skills level 1 workshop – April 16
Giving dog training back to the dogs, empowering the canine learner Jan 17
Science of learning theory – April 17
IMDT Funk up your classes – March 2017
Science of Multi dog household (2day)  May 2017
World Scent Dog Association 2day – May 2017
Scentwork Uk Level 1 June 2017
FFTT (4 day course and assesement) July 2017
Teach your dog instructor course August 2017
Canine Nutrition August 2017
Predation and Drive – 2 day – November 2017

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