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Every puppy is a blank canvas. Every minute you spend with your puppy you are either training or untraining. We encourage owners to start training & socialising their puppy as early as possible. Therefore, we advise you to book into Puppy School a week after your puppy has had its first vaccination. For some Pups this may be at 8-9 weeks whilst for others it may be 12 weeks. By enrolling early we aim to prevent future problems that are often related to incorrect socialisation.
We allow Puppies to attend puppy school if they are 18 weeks old or below at the First Lesson.
Anybody who is involved in the training is welcome to attend the lessons. Children of school age and above are welcome. I would not recommend bringing toddlers as they can get a bit fidgety and distract you. Grandparents who may be the one’s who help out look after the dog whilst your at work are welcome too.
Yes you will. Caroline will be your instructor at each session, though sometimes her daughter helps out as an assistant.
We only use kind reward based training. We will not allow any smacking, shouting or rough handling and no choke chains or slip leads are allowed. Noisy dogs will NOT be squirted with squeezy bottles containing salt water. (yes, I know its unbelievable that some trainers do still use this outdated method at their classes!). Whilst training with us we will be teaching real life training, using positive reinforcement and in some classes we will be using clicker training. We do not allow the use of extendable/flexi leads as these can be a dangerous in a class situation and trip people up!
It depends on if you are attending a class or a 121 but we ask everyone, whether attending classes or 121’s, that you wait in your car until invited in. This is for two reasons. 1) so you don’t disturb the lesson before you and 2) because the lesson starts from the car. (all will become clear at your first lesson). We also ask that you give each person and their dog or pup plenty of space and keep a suitable distance so they cant jump on each other and get their leads entwined. There will be a time for socialising but it wont be on a lead whilst the pups are excited coming into the lesson. When you arrive at puppy class you will come into the training room without your puppy first so you can set up your pod. (again this will all become clear at your first lesson). We ask that you show the same amount of respect, with regards space, when leaving the venue too. Please be aware that first and foremost this is a boarding kennels so all dogs must be on leads when arriving and departing and please be mindful that this is someone else’s property, (not mine) so please pick up after your dog and please drive carefully when arriving and leaving.
We are not able to offer replacement classes or refunds. If you have to cancel a lesson you will not get a refund and you cannot transfer the lesson to another time. If you miss a class, such as puppy class, you will be sent the help sheets for that week.
Please don’t bring your dog if he or she is ill. If your pup has diarrohea, is coughing, or anything which might be contagious, please leave your pup at home, but you can still attend yourself so you don’t miss out. You can learn a lot by watching the demonstrations and watching the other pups.
Yes if you have booked a 6 week course then the lesson will be on the same day at the same time each week.

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