This 2hour workshop will give you the knowledge and tools needed to teach you how to teach your dog to come when called.

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Recall Workshop

If you are having difficulty getting your dog to come when called, this is the workshop for you.

During the 2hour workshop you will be given all the tools you need to help you to teach your dog to come when called. Attending the workshop alone wont mean your dog has the perfect recall, you will need to put everything you learn at the workshop into practice at home with lots of consistent training to get the results you require.

This workshop will give you the knowledge needed to improve your dogs recall.

Ideally your dog should wear a harness for this workshop as we will be doing some work using a long line (this is provided).

No Choke Chains, Prong Collars or Shock Collars will be allowed.

If you have a reactive or aggressive dog, this is not the right environment for them so please book a 1-2-1 lesson instead.

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