Do you struggle to get your dog to come when called? Or does your dog have a really good recall until there is a distraction? This workshop is on Thursday 22nd July 6.30pm until 8pm and is for anyone who wants to train their dog to come when called using fun motivational methods. Spaces limited to 5 dogs.

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Reliable Recall

Do your feel like your dogs taxi driver? Just driving him to the park and then spending the next hour walking on your own while your dog is off hunting, socialising or being a general nuisance. If you are having difficulty getting your dog to spend time with you on the walk or to come when called, then this is the course for you.

This workshop will give you lots of useful info and games to play and practice to help you to teach your dog an automatic reflex response to come when called.  Helpsheets included so you can continue your training at home.

This workshop will be held outside in our field and is limited to just 5 dogs.  All dogs attending must be friendly with both other dogs and people. If your dog would benefit from 1 to 1 lessons instead then do give me a call to arrange.

Don’t put off training your dog to come when called.  The best time to train recall is Now!  Starts 6.30pm and finishes about 8pm.


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