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  • Who’s Walking Who?


    Do you walk your dog or does he walk you?  This lesson will give you the tools and training so you can teach your dog to walk nicely on the lead so you can enjoy your walk together.

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  • Come when Called


    Do you struggle to get your dog to come when called? Does your dog have a really good recall until there is a distraction? This class is for anyone who wants to train their dog to come when called using fun motivational methods. Spaces limited to 5 dogs. This course is spread over 2 weeks, each lesson is an hour.

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  • Continuation Class


    This is a 4 week dog training course for dogs who have been through my puppy class (or had some 1:1 sessions) and want to continue with their training journey, improving on the skills they have already learned.

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  • Pet Dog Gun Dog Training (for Fun)


    Gundog skills for pet dogs

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  • Uk Sniffer Dogs Beginners


    Have fun with your dog, learning Scent Detection. This 5 week UK Sniffers Dogs course is suitable for any age, breed or temperament. This is a beginners course teaching you how to teach your dog to search for, locate and indicate on a specific scent and includes a mini scent kit to take away with you.

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  • Separation Related Problems

    Does your dog struggle being home alone? Separation Anxiety is a phobia.  A fear of being alone. To help your dog cope with his SA we need to change how your dog feels about being alone.  I can help you with this. For help with Separation Related Problems do get in touch to book an initial consultation.  The initial consult, which is done via Zoom, lasts around an hour and costs £35.

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  • Beginners (any age)


    This class is for any age, (puppy or adult dog) but it is a beginners class. Learn how to teach your dog lead walking, sit-stay, recall and lots more.


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  • Puppy Classes


    This is a 6 week puppy course for pups who are fully vaccinated and under 20weeks of age at week one.  During the 6 weeks we cover all the basics such as toilet training, puppy biting, teething, lead walking, recall, jumping up, sit, stay and so much more. (more…)

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