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The first few weeks with your new puppy can be the hardest. You get puppy at 8weeks but due to vaccinations cannot start puppy class until 12-14 weeks, so thats 4-6 weeks without support, right when you need it the most. As cute as your pup is you will have struggles and questions. Maybe you need help with toilet training, crate training, puppy biting, the first night, chasing the cat, grabbing the childrens clothes, digging up the garden, eating sticks or stones, being home alone etc. Would you like the opportuntity to ask questions about struggles you may be having before they become habit! If you have enrolled on my puppy course, this extra add on, is just £20 for an hour of my time via zoom or telephone.

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Puppy pre-school provides support in that period between getting your pup 8 weeks of age and coming o class at around 12-14weeks (or even later).  That’s at least 4 -6 weeks without support, right when you need it the most. The first few weeks of having a new puppy in your home can be the hardest trying to toilet train, crate train, deal with puppy biting and numerous other things like grabbing the childrens clothes, chasing the cat, eating stones/sticks and teaching puppy to be happy home alone. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have some support with these topics, as well as have the opportuntity to ask questions about any other struggles you may be having. Pre-School provides support so you dont have to struggle on alone in those early days until puppy is old enough to join the in-person puppy class.

Pre-school provides support in the form of zoom (or telephone) consultations and is offered at the discounted price of £20 for an hour of my time to anyone who has enrolled on the 6 week puppy course.

Home visits are available but these are extra and availability is more limited.

If you have not booked the 6 week puppy course the cost of the zoom (or telephone) consult is £35 for an hour.

You must make contact prior to booking so please call or email for a no obligation chat.

Important Info:

1:1 lessons need to be arranged by telephone.
Mobile 07702122042

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