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This is a 6 week course. Once you have selected a day and time from the list in the drop down box, your lesson will be on the same day & time for the 6 week course.

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Sometimes having a puppy, as wonderful as it is, can feel like a real challenge. Even those who have had dogs before forget what hard work it is having a puppy in the house dealing with things like toilet training, biting & chewing and those mad puppy half hours.

Our puppy classes are for pups who are fully vaccinated which means your pup needs to have had both vaccinations and ideally a gap of at least a week between the 2nd vaccine and coming to class. This means that puppies will usually be between 11 – 18weeks of age at the start of the 6 week course. However the earlier you start your training journey the better so I advise doing purchasing the puppy package which consists of the online puppy course and the 6 week puppy course. The online course will provide you with help and guidance from the day you bring your puppy home which means you can start your training before you can bring your puppy to class. 

The group classes will start on the date you choose in the drop down box and then will be for 6 weeks in total on the same day and time. Some of the courses are spread over 7 or 8 weeks as there may be dates I cannot do. If this will be a problem for you, do give me a call to check if your course will be affected. It is not possible for you to swop between different classes.

Although not compulsory I highly recommend purchasing the online puppy course too so you are able to start some training with your dog from the day you bring him or her home. The online course covers everything from the first night and toilet training to your basic training such as sit and come when called as well what treats to use and how to use them, providing enrichement and socialisation. If you want to book both the online course and the in person course give me a call first as you will be entitled to a reduction.

My aim is to provide calm and carefully supervised classes providing the ideal environment for puppies to learn. We do not use aversive methods, harsh handling or unpleasant things such as squirt bottles or choke chains. Your dog will never be hurt, frightened, provoked or made to feel anxious.  Everyone wants a happy, well-behaved pup and this can be achieved by teaching him good manners using kind, reward based methods. Interactions with other puppies are carefully controlled so that all puppies benefit from the experience and learn good social skills. This is not a free for all, with all pups running around off lead!

Be aware of poorly run puppy socialisation classes with unsupervised off lead play as these can be worse than not attending any training classes at all. Allowing puppies too much off lead play or the wrong sort of play, does nothing to help your pup grow into a sociable adult dog. It doesn’t take long for some puppies to learn to bully with others becoming fearful, possibly resulting in the need to use defence aggression. At our puppy training school, very occasionally puppies are allowed to play together, but this is not the focus of the lessons as play can quickly get out of hand and become inappropriate. We prefer to concentrate on confidence building, life skills & basic obedience, manners, polite behaviour, self-control and husbandry. Socialistion isn’t about getting puppies to interact with all other dogs, its about teaching them how to behave in the presence of other dogs, which should include ignoring them as well as saying hello. The key to appropriate socialisation is teaching your pup they don’t always have to say hello! Socialisation isn’t about interacting with everything, its about being exposed to things in an appropriate safe and beneficial manner. Pups should learn they don’t (and shouldn’t) always get to say hello.

This is a 6 week course.  The cost of this course is £95. *****Special offer***** Purchase the online course and get the in-person course for £75. By purchasing the online course you will have access to 39videos and 40 page E-Book which means that you will have access to everything we cover in class, at home too. So you can watch the videos as many times as you like at a time to suit you.

During the 6 weeks of puppy school you will be shown how to teach your pup the basic cues such as sit; down, impulse control, walking nicely on the lead, coming back when called, controlled greetings, jumping up, housetraining, mouthing/biting & nipping, how to settle and teach you how to prepare puppy for a life time of handling at vet visits. If you start teaching your puppy how to respond and act when they’re young you will make it a lot easier as they grow into adolescents and then on to adulthood. If you would you like to train your puppy using a modern approach to training based on positive reinforcement methods then this is the class for you.

Class numbers are limited with just 4-6 puppies maximum. Covid-19 update – During this period class numbers are limited to 4 pups.

*****Note***** During Covid-19 (unless the situation changes) at present we can only allow one family member to attend class.
Children of 8 years and above are welcome at puppy class but full adult supervision is required, so two adults will need to attend when bringing both a puppy and a child. If you would like to attend training with children under the age of 8yrs then you will need to book 1-2-1 lessons rather than group classes. We have found that children under the age of 8yrs often get bored and can then become disruptive which is not fair on the other people in the classes. Please note our training venue is not suitable for wheelchairs or pushchairs and their are no toilet facilities on site.

The classes are held at Holiday Home for Pets, East Ogwell, near Newton Abbot. We are lucky to have use of this venue but please be mindful that is private property and not owned by the Ogwell Dog Trainer, so please respect it is someones home.

We have use of indoor and outdoor facilities. From March – September classes are mostly held outside, training in the real world, but we do have a small indoor area for those wet days. From October – March the day time classes are mostly held outside but we do have a small indoor area for those wet days. The evening classes are all held inside as it is too dark to train outside in the field, so please only choose an evening class in the winter months if you don’t mind training inside. If you would rather train outside, you need to book a daytime class. Please note – during covid-19 all lessons will be outside, adhereing to social distancing regulations.

Please be aware, because we keep our class numbers small, once booked onto a course you cannot transfer onto a different date or time and any lessons missed or cancelled are not refunded.

Please make sure you pay for the course at the time of filling out the order form.  Placing the order does not guarantee you a space on the course.  Spaces are only confirmed once payment has been received.  Your space will be cancelled if payment not received within 24hrs.


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From Newton Abbot: Take the Totnes main road (A381). Follow the road to the mini roundabout by the cemetery. Turn right to Ogwell. Follow this road down into the dip and then all the way to the top of the hill. At the top you get to a junction (Ogwell Green), take the first turning on the right, signposted East and West Ogwell. Come down the hill into the village and take the first turning on the right, by the phone box and village memorial hall. Stay on the road for approximately 3/4 mile. You will now be on a country lane leaving the village behind. Keep going and you will find us on the right hand side 3/4 mile from the village hall and approximately 2 miles (about 10 minutes) from Newton Abbot.


From Dyrons, take the Ashburton road (A383) for about a mile. Turn left into Orchard Grove, opposite the car wash. Then next left into Chercombe Bridge Road. Follow the country lane for 1 mile. Take the next left signposted Ogwell. You will find Holiday Home for Pets at the top of the hill on the left.

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