Have fun with your dog, learning Scent Detection.


Scent work is the latest dog sport to take the doggy world by storm.  It has become so popular because it is suitable for any dog, regardless of age, breed, temperment or size.  Perfect for the busy dogs as it gives them a job to do and equally perfect for the older dog with limited mobility. Any dog can do scent work because all dogs have a nose and love to use it.

Your dog may love running, playing & cuddling, another dog may love sleeping, chewing & chasing. They are all different and have things they like, but one thing they all have in common is they all love sniffing with their incredible noses that can smell 100’000 times better than us humans and did you know that dogs can smell in 3D?

Scent work is great for any dog even hyper, fearful or aggressive dogs so no excuses, any dog can have a go and learn this wonderful activity. Scent work helps to reduce reativity around other dogs as it gives them something else to focus on.

Dogs have long been used to search for Drugs, Bombs, Firearms, Cash, Missing People and Contraband, but its not just operational dogs that can do scent detection.  Your dog can too.

Come along and learn the skills to train your dog so you can do scent training activities with your dog.  Scent detection training is not only fun for you and your dog but is also mentally tiring for your beloved pooch.  So 20minutes of sniffing and he will be as tired as if he had gone for an hours walk. This is because sniffing is tiring but in a low arousal, calm way.

Want to find out more? Sign up for this Beginners Bronze Level class and get involved in this fascinating activity that is suitable for all dogs.

Please get in touch for one-one sessions.

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