Beginners Class for dogs of all ages, with little or no previous training. This is a 4 week course

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This class is suitable for any age dog. Did your pup miss out on puppy classes? Have you recently introduced a rescue dog to your family? Or has your previously well-mannered pup turned into a terror? People often experience a “trying time” with their pups during Adolescence, this is because the terrible two’s occurs around 6-7mths and sadly this is the time most pups are surrendered to shelters or rescue centres. Even previously well-mannered pups can turn into terrors during this adolescent phase which can occur when pups are between 6-18mths depending on the breed. If you didn’t attend puppy classes don’t worry, its never too late to start. This class is for beginners (dogs who have had no previous training) of all ages and is a 4 week course.

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